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SEDA Outspan is the leading producer of soluble coffee in the marketplace. Its white label has taken it worldwide with a wide range of products, including the manufacture of freeze-dried products, of espresso and cappuccino coffee, and of soluble cereals and chicory coffee. SEDA, or Sociedad Española de Alimentos (the Spanish Food Corporation), began operations in 1963 with the goal of becoming the top manufacturer of soluble coffee. The company has a clear calling to provide superior quality and service to its clients; something realized only thanks to our combination of two basic elements: the finest coffees and the best team of human resources. As a producer of soluble coffee and other derivative products, SEDA Outspan maintains strict quality control, together with an R&D+I research and development plan that leads the sector. The process starts with selection, at their sources, of the finest green coffees and the contact with their origins is a constant throughout the manufacturing processes (soluble coffee, freeze-dried coffee, espresso coffee, capuccino, soluble cereals and soluble chicory coffee), from the beginning right up to final packaging. Each step of the manufacturing process is closely monitored in order to assure that, when the coffee is reunited with water, it still retains its characteristic proprieties and aroma. The SEDA Outspan taste-testing team is responsible for overseeing the entire process, with a resulting growth in sales and number of customers that places the stamp of approval on our quality assurance system. On the other hand, R&D and innovation guide these activities; this is why they were awarded UNE 166.002 certification (the Spanish government’s industrial listing), which standardizes management for projects of this sort. In addition, the company promotes an internal, integral R&D attitude that clearly directs its future; an approach throughout the corporate structure that makes its production and subsequent marketing a resounding success. As our market addresses a variety of customer types (being manufacturers in soluble coffee, freeze-dried products, espresso coffee, soluble cereals and soluble chicory coffee), we strive constantly for customer satisfaction by diversification of customer support. We focus on availability, accessibility, proactive service to our clients and maximization of corporate value. Further, we maintain a highly-qualified, multi-lingual staff that brings together a deep understanding of the client’s every preference and requirement. At SEDA Outspan, responsibility is a genetic trait . We believe that, as a soluble coffee manufacturer, we have a moral obligation to society so that our activity should go beyond the financial and commercial aspect: if people help us to earn profits, we must help society to build value and must contribute to its development under a fair and sustainable model. Contrary to those who drive exclusively at financial gain for their stockholders, at SEDA Outspan we provide responses to satisfy a range of legitimate interests. Our corporate model seeks benefits for all stakeholders: clients, employees, suppliers, stockholders and society.

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