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In order to comply with the current regulations on Personal Data Protection, we inform you that your personal information will be treated by SEDA OUTSPAN IBERIA, S.L.U. in the capacity of Responsible for treatment with the aim of managing data requests that arrive through contact forms on our website or social media. Moreover, we inform you that, unless it becomes a legal requirement or there is express consent on your part, SEDA OUTSPAN IBERIA, S.L.U. will not give your personal information to third parties.

You have a right to know if in SEDA OUTSPAN IBERIA, S.L.U. we are using your personal information; therefore, you have the right to access your personal details, change inaccurate information or delete them when they are no longer necessary, as well as to exercise the remaining rights described in the regulations in the way they are defined in the additional information. You can exercise the rights mentioned in the terms and conditions established in the current regulation by contacting SEDA OUTSPAN IBERIA, S.L.U., phone number 979716100, email:

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SEDA Factory


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34005 Palencia (España)

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Commercial Office and Marketing

Paseo de la Castellana, 192, 11-D
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Packing plant

Avda. Comunidad Europea
P.I. Villamuriel de Cerrato,
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Palencia (España)

Customers: +34 979 71 61 09
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